Blomljud (Remastered 24​-​bit Audio)

by Moon Safari

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Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber This is exactly the kind of album I'm always searching for. It makes me happy. It makes me smile. Can't help... it's so fun-packed with catchy melodies and chords that never get boring. Even the 30-minute epic is of a kind that doesn't get dull after 3 plays. They name Yes as one of their main influences... fortunately, that's not that overt. Personally, I'd say there's much more heritage of Roine Stolt noticable in the music. Well... is it coincidence, that Blomljud means Flower Sound? ;-) Favorite track: Other Half of the Sky.
PrivateCain thumbnail
PrivateCain This deserves the world.
Murgleis thumbnail
Murgleis The best album ever recorded in any genre, bar-none, has finally been remastered! HELL YEAH! If there ever was a dimension where Yes and The Beach Boys did a perfect recording together that achieved classic status immediately upon release, this one is it amigos... Favorite track: Other Half of the Sky.
Petter Araki
Petter Araki thumbnail
Petter Araki One of the top 5 progressive albums of all time that sounded excellent from the beginning is now sounding totally amazing in 24bit (especially in Wav format) every song is layered and intricate with amazing vocal's that are totally unique and amazing layers of music and uplifting memorable melodies you can't get enough of. Especially I would like to mention the voice of Simon Åkesson ! And the vocal harmonies - pure bliss. Recommended beyond what words can express. Favorite track: Methuselah's Children.


released January 3, 2008



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Moon Safari Sweden

Moon Safari is a Swedish progressive rock group formed in Skellefteå, Sweden, in 2003. The band focuses on vocal arrangements in the style of Gene Puerling and they willingly surrender to the spirit of 60s rock, pop and progressive rock music, previously invoked by the Beatles, the Beach Boys and Yes.

They have toured both Japan, North America and mainland Europe and released four studio albums.
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Track Name: Constant Bloom
Strange are the days, how they seem out of place, flowers spring in a row, to defeat the ridden snow
Yet they exist without magic or tricks, when by chance loving June gasps for air and calls out: Bloom
Life as is said goes up and down, we walk through the door
a second time around to do what was said but never done
We promised you gardens made of green
Yet we’re lost in this tune, just men of the moon
That sing for a world of constant bloom
Track Name: Methuselah's Children
Hello beautiful May, the sun is here to stay
It is good to be here on such a day
Every day I turn a bit wiser, every day climbing a little higher
And every day I turn more into someone I admire
Walking on light as the wind, don’t need to be slim to fit in
As the fountain of youth disappeared with the fruit,
so the gardens closed, but it’s easy to get in
Some people try to touch the stars
Plastic fantastic such a farce
While the universe expands to be untouched by human hands
Immortality can’t be bought or can it really?
Another day at the races, we try to stay ahead
of the future that changes us, but we’re all mislead
Or values are wrong, we think we can live forever
but we won’t be here that long
Well I don’t care anyway, gone tomorrow but still here today
There are so many ways for the soul to find its home
I guess it’s all in beliefs
It’s God, it’s kharma, it is you and it is me
And all of these flavours make a believer out of me
Here I am doing fine, working my way outside the grand design
Won’t line up like a barcode, this life is mine
I’ll guess that what lies in the future will come to me in time
Methuselah’s children, all gods in this playground
souls are being part of the emotional wasteland
Equal like seeds it’s the year of the great flood
Wash away the dirt and the blood from our fingers
Only one solution be apart of their religion
find ourselves drowning in the ego of the many...
we can’t swim...
Look at those people they’re moving in circles collides at the edge of each turn
Look at those people I really believe that their map is all wrong
”I was a star of a show long ago, do you know who I am, do you reminisce my face?”
”And I was a cog in a wheel ’twas a square, I was aiming at the moon,
but I landed in your living room”
Look at those people their circle is stretched into one fragile lemming like line
Look at those people I cannot believe that we’re letting them drown
Media creates an illusion of company but we will always be alone
Empires rise and they fall during lunchtime, but this world is all that I have...
Look at those people, Utopia waits for the blessed
And the rest of us trying to cling to the beauty that’s left in this world
Stand up and be counted once more
They’re dividing the rich and the poor
It will never be quite like the life you lived before
Let them be nine hundred years, evolution halts noone cares
When we’ll draw our last breath and they’re all cheating death
Guess who’s free?
When the tables have turned, the viewpoint is new
I stand at the peak, my dreams have come true
There is no enough, more is what moves me now and this mirror needs a change
We’re all Methuselah’s children we wander the streets alone
We watch as the world turns cold
The toys we collect are fools gold - Farewell beautiful May, I don’t care anyway
And that’s the price we pay
Slowly consumed by a dream I resent,
a future I could prevent if I only’d understand
But I assume that as long as we’re here
we just won’t really care
Acting out the stupid nature of man...
Track Name: In The Countryside
Bought a house in the countryside ’cause there’s no use for pens in the modern city society
If you’d like you’d like you could follow me and we’ll both live free, you won’t be a slave to technology
Will you follow me, to the countryside?
Track Name: Bluebells
Dancing on the feet of a miracle, while winter’s growing cold
life seems almost cynical in the gardens of green and gold
While the apples of eden are calling me, I sometimes just can’t believe, that man was made a replica of someone else’s dream
Away to where the rainbow’s just a stoney throw away,
where kings and queens assemble just to greet the world and say:
bare witness to the princess as she lights her precious dome, and bluebells call you home
Home, bluebells calling: Home
A home to all the broken melodies, is a home where all the sunny skies, rime without a reason endlessly, just look at how the butter flies
When the evensong sing through the mezzanine and the birds interrupt the trees, they were talking in the forest hatching up a scheme, when winter comes they’ll up and leaf
To find the swirling oceans made of conscience and of clay,
the weight of all this nonsense we must carry down the way,
towards the great reunion of the apple and the crow,
come on it is time to go
Home, bluebells calling: Home
Tell the trees of sunlight, tell the day of rain
listen for the flutter rising up again
Better off without a suitcase is the mind
grasping at a moon beam, counting out the time
I was only eight when magic touched my ears
now it seems the only thing I hear is the everlasting chorus of a neverlasting dream locked inside my fantasy
So listen up campers along with the rain, the promise of sunshine again
With all that is pretty and all that is blue, the bluebell shines for you
Somebody sold my blank endeavour, to the creatures that walk on the moon
In time you´ll see the world at the speed of light, as we all set stones in bloom
Dancing on the feet...
The light has come to free this song of anything that goes
the featherless magician shakes his head and tells us slow:
the poet down on mainstreet can’t believe his sunken eyes
A calling from the skies
(Simon) I´ve never seen a brighter sun,(Petter) than the one the crow incorporated,(Pontus) into his painted rivers three, (Johan) as the apple reunites the broken melody
Blue is my direction home, into a world where every ghostly figure, flutter round the cosmic tare, as we’ re dancing on the feet of miracles everywhere
Where do flowers go when all is said and done
do they hope and pray to find a second sun?
With golden shores and amber painted skies,
where poets run and bluebells call home
I´ve never seen a better day, than the one that drove the clouds away, forever from this holy earth, and the bluebells simple words just resting in the dirt
And finally it seems to me, this has got to be the place indeed,
I´m just sitting in the gardens green, watch the blue above and simply dream my dreamy dream.
Track Name: The Ghost of Flowers Past
I saw you dance alone down the waterline,
you were searching for secrets lost in the setting sun
I said just wait a while and you´ll understand,
how the wintry warlord gave poets another try,
to figure out the reasons why, it takes a laugh
and a half to unveil your scarlet eyes
She returned, was wearing that rose so well,
broke down and cried because of the that had been up all day,
At the movies there would have been rain, oh the bittersweet irony, rain replaced by tears
Aint it funny how some things look so different from afar,
when it comes to me and you, the mirror stole our perfect view,now there’s nothing left we can do,
and the story’s done at last, for the ghost of flowers past
I saw you shape the wings of a butterfly,
’til the colors fit like a puzzle already done
but who am I to question the grand design,
another headstone written to fix every broken rime,
carved in the hands of time, for the singer inside
to remind us of your life
In a place where nothing’s real, let me tell you
how I feel, did’nt know which heart to mend
So here´s a drink to absent friends, for a love that never
did end, and the story’s done at last,
for the ghost of flowers past
Memories of yesteryear is a part of you
we´ll travel there, now the curtains call this day upon us,
so ride this wave on wings of wondering
why those scarlet eyes still haunt me today
Back to the first day of summer, the flowers that past
greet the sunlight again with a song, sung by angels of love
So who am i now, in the distance I hear broken words,
calling me to the rhythmless core, trapped forever in love
with the girl on the shore
In a place where nothing’s real I feel like telling you just why,
we all drink to absent friends and for a love that never dies
Aint it funny how the mirror makes sure perfect never last,
it all starts and ends right here with you,
my Ghost of flowers past
I saw you dance alone down the waterline, I saw you shape the wings of a butterfly
Now the riddle fits like a puzzle already done, though life had just begun I will meet you again on the shores where lovers run
Track Name: Yasgur's Farm
Standing on the roadside waving bye-byes
Said I’m going where the wheels are a-moving
Oh, come and take me far away from the city lights, city life...
The moon shines bright in the seventh house
In the slipstream we pass among the clouds
With patches of peace, flowers in our hair
The caravan’s moving, come aboard and join the band
A time of love, the time of man
Songs of hope for a promised land
We’re gypsy sons all were born to run
A world awaits us
Universal guidance, travel down to Yasgurs farm...
Hey! Pretty baby it’s gonna be alright
Just put your little hand in mine
And we’ll work it out ’til the morning light comes, now baby
don’t you worry
Freedom of speech on tongues of LSD
Summer of love, love is all we need
We’ll meet beneath the shady trees
Echoes of better times resound a world away
Chasing a dream of a golden past
We dream alone so it couldn’t last
The trees are bare they are all undressed
The leaves will leave the body,
by the hands of our friend the carpenter...
Autumn steals the day away, put the dreams back in the grave
And we couldn’t end the war, so don’t bring me anymore
... of your tired, hungry and poor
Follow down the forest road, see the people without their
daily loads. On meadows green, tranquility
All were children of a thousand stars
Mother we’ll build a different world, the revolution they’ve feared will start with words
Still messengers of everlasting love
Notes upon an empty door, says your Uncle wants you to win a war
If he’ll reach to pull me in, then just tell him I’m on the farm
Mother we’ll build a different world, the revolution is hear,we’ll start with words...
I’m a messenger of everlasting love...
Track Name: Lady of the Woodlands
Lady of the woodlands come dance in this rythm entwined
I’m steady on my feet, though my head stands on bottles of wine
The night is young you know I’m doing fine
How now my love, why is your cheek so pale
How chance the roses do fade?
The course of true love’s never smooth
So now what’s the use of chanting faint hymns to a cold fruitless moon
Now let us dance our ringlets to the wind of the pipers new tune
My fairy queen I saved a kiss for you
I’ll follow you - And I will lead you about a round
Sometime - A horse I’ll be, and other times a hound
Follow me - I’ll be the flame that always burn
Sometimes true - But I’ll be there at every turn
If I should fall, carry me home to my house on the hill next til dawn
I shouldn’t be drinking this night I won’t leave you alone
Fate lacks no irony, Lady should stay off the wine
I’ll be your legs if you’d please be my eyes...
I serve you my fairy queen, tomorrow I’ll praise yesterdays dream
But I’ll take all the blame, tomorrow I won’t remember your name
Track Name: A Tale of Three and Tree
There was once a golden forest, with secrets only known,
to our three boys brave as could be, that reached it’s inner sea
From one afternoon of duties, the decision came to me,
to venture of the beaten path, where mother said to be
How her words did haunt us when all green turned to black,
the treetops sound their warning out: Passed here no turning back!
For this forest you may leave, a simple quest for thee:
Dive into the midnight sea, and find our golden key
If we do, we trust you’ll help us to make our way back home,
before morning breaks and mother wakes we had better sleep
Sure thing said the sneeky trees, laughing amongst themselves,
Did their mother ever say: You cannot trust a tree?
So long to your flesh and bone, the key is out on loan
Home, Home, make yourselves at home in this golden dome
Still we’re trees, the sandman grieves, this dream will never leaf
Track Name: Other Half of the Sky
Part I - Written In The Stars
Hope’s as high as the sun today
once around the world, now coming your way
The river runs down the beggars beach
claimed the waining moon, now out of reach
The street corner prince with the pockets of gold
had a story to sell, but it remained untold
One hand on the fence that grows ever so high
There the grass is the same, still I want to the other side
Time will tell if I’m the fool, that made the climb and left the pool
People can barely stay afloat, they’re gonna need a bigger boat
Three’s the line to change a man, to make the sun light up this land
It is not a single fantasy when from solitude you lead me...
to a brand new day, and a different game to play...
I’ve been a bleeding heart on feet, spent my nights racing the streets
The endless rain might take a pause, when there’s a reason and a course
On open waters I set sail, to learn where others failed...

Part II - The Meaning Of Success
Did you fill them pages with a meaning to it all or did summer turn to fall?
And your TV dinner got burned by shocking news, it left you with the blues
When the evening comes and you’re alone, then it haunts you once again
She’s not a lover just a friend
There’s a fork in the road, late to work, now you’ll never get a raise
Is that a smile upon your face?
Who are you really gonna be?
Do you know that the apple never falls far from the tree
Hear the whispers in the wind
A change’s gonna come and it might crown you the king
How come people claim they want to live forever,
when at work they can’t wait for the day to end?
On friday night you reset you are drinking to forget all the worries of the week
Dead men on their feet they have pulse but they have no heartbeat, just a shadow on the street
John Doe of the show don’t you know that there’s no place left to go
You will always be alone
Will you find your own place in the wheel
Will you do what they want you to, or do what you feel?
And your wallet holds no thoughts
There goes your freedom you’ve been bought...
I turn the TV on again, the TV is my only friend
Another Hugh Grant remedy, a happy end to set me free
I turned my back on wonderland, I know that kingdom’s made of sand
So here I am a foreign man, without a helping hand
Ghostly figures casting doubt on all I thought I was about
The laughing stops when I appear, the crowd is all in tears
The forecast tells that summer’s gone
Will I live to see another one?
Or is it just a stupid test, to find the meaning of success
I’m the rumour on your coffeebreak, I’m your first and last mistake
I’m a poet in a dying world, noone will hear my dying words
I’m the movie that you’ll never rent, I’m the ghost in the machine
I am God, when it goes to hell, when it turns out good I’m not to blame
I’m a drink that’s far too strong, perhaps you’d like another one?
A small part of this life, and the meaning I’ve found
Life goes up and life goes down...
Part III - Child Inside The Man
In the shadow of the bitter artist, the voice of reason speaks
Aversion therapy wouldn’t help me to confront the child inside the man
There ain’t no digits for how many times, a heart can be broken and fixed
”Hope’s as high as the sun today”
Heard a rumour down at the nightclub, couldn’t help to spread the word
Like fire through a corridor of paper, in print for the morning meal
Suddenly the world’s a little smaller, and all else is larger than life
”Don’t leave me hanging upon the ageless door,
up north the trial goes on forevermore.”
I take the flowers away from my grave and I walk the primrose path
beyond the aftermath
We were ships that passed in the night and the lighthouse guided us home
We won’t end up all alone
I was tilting at windmills, and what you’re losing on the swings
you gain on the roundabouts...
I discovered that just round the bend lies the meaning of success, now this heart can finally rest

Part IV - After All
Talking to myself I no longer speak the truth
I’m not fooling anyone I never left the pool
I never once did say the words, I never understood
the words But now they’re flowing naturally and
I can see them perfectly I am first to join the fools
parade, towards the sunset, lovers laneI’m blind
but I am unafraid, I’m colors in the shade
The wind that blows away the weight,
broken backs now walking straight Headlong
into future dreams, carry me downstream...
The pair whose eyes shall never meet, they’re passing
strangers in the street The ties that binds
- They’re meant to be
- It’s hope that moves their feet
The pawn in black is standing still,
survived the turmoil power of will
The queen that held the heart of men, to be revived again
I turned into a butterfly, spread my wings and learned to fly
The puppet masters fading face, eleven sins to erase
I know who I am gonna be, I fit into a different wheel
Thanks to you I’ll be alright
You’re the other half of the sky
And hope’s as high as the sun today
Once around the world, now coming your way
Every day I’m loving you more
In every way I’m loving you more
How it grows the way it shines, it’s keeping me alive
As infinity forms a line, into the love that I define
Every day I’m loving you more
In every way I’m loving you more
How it shines beyond beliefs, brighter than the sun
I am tired of the past, but I’ve a feeling that this will last...
Track Name: To Sail Beyond the Sunset
In the end begin again, start at one my friend,
Taken round the second sun, seconds last as hours run,
why do I fear the end when life has just begun?
Wise men three on a bowl to sea, westward four degrees,
time for dreams to move along, five o’ clock and darkness done,
let us waste this day just watching the sun
Sometimes it seems like the end of our days, lies in the grass
by Methuselahs grave, simplest of answers gone til we say,
What makes us human if children can’t play?
Now the circles round we’ve come, nothing left unsaid
Always said I’d travel far, follow what the caption read:
Sailed beyond the sunset until the end